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Creative Matters with Helen Dean

Helen Dean is an artist based in Titirangi, Auckland. Her abstract paintings begin with colour and are created through many layers of paint to build up a surface that is full of life, showing glimpses of what’s underneath, combining gestural brushwork, playful shapes and subtle glazing.

Helen explores a range of different marks and techniques, some gestural, some more controlled and the paintings slowly take form. Avoiding a formula, each painting develops in its own way as she aims for a balance between light and shade, loose and controlled.

Helen obtained her BA (Hons) Fine Art in painting in the UK in 1995 but only returned to painting in 2015. Since then she has had a regular painting practice and has sent her work to collectors around the world.

We talk about Helen's time at a Fine Art College in England in her early twenties that turned out to be quite a negative experience, putting her off painting for many years and how she finally returned to painting 7 years ago. She explains how it feels to finally be painting and creating again and speaks so passionately about her painting practice and process, including an amazing collaboration with NZ Fashion designer Juliette Hogan. It was so lovely to hear Helen's story and I'm so happy her beautiful paintings are back in the world!

Juliette Hogan Collaboration

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