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Creative Matters with Frankie Meaden

Frankie Meaden is a textile artist living in Tāmaki Makaurau, Auckland. She makes giant embroidery artwork from recycled materials.

Frankie’s art is almost always botanical, with her large-scale sculptural pieces challenging the scale at which embroidery is usually seen. Frankie tells the story of the rich biodiversity of our world using colourful rope and recycled street banners in a way that is impactful, beautiful and sustainable.

We talk about how Frankie came to work on such a large scale, how she sources the recycled materials she uses and the joys and the challenges of creating a large scale public installation. We talk about her process of making these beautiful pieces in her studio, how she connected with her 2 Auckland galleries and her dreams for her business Beautifully Frank.

Flourishing', 2m x 9m giant embroidered canopy commissioned by Heart of the City for Vulcan Lane (Auckland) 2022

Previous artworks on recycled denim

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