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Creative Matters with Erika Pearce

Erika Pearce is a multi-disciplinary artist born in Auckland Aotearoa NZ and now based in the beautiful Bay of Islands. She is well known for her large scale murals, vibrant artwork and strong female portraits. Her mural artwork can be found throughout New Zealand, from Northland to Bluff, as well as in Fiji, Australia, Japan, Indonesia, Thailand and the USA.

Erika is a dedicated ocean conservationist and is deeply motivated to inspire communities to care for and protect their coastlines and surrounding waters. The creation of her large scale ocean murals has a really positive impact by opening up conversations with people of all ages.

She is inspired by plants, animals, the ocean and our human connection to the natural world.

When she is not painting, she can be found out in the garden tending her dahlias, raiding the veggie patch or hanging out with her ducks.

Hear about hear beautiful art practice, her amazing process of creating a large scale mural, Erika's philosophies on working and living intuitively and living your best life, her passion for dressing up and the Burning Man festival, her children's book and soo much more!

"Chase the magic | If it was meant for you it already was | your time will come"..

Mural Progress Shots

Burning Man Festival

Empower Series

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