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Creative Matters with Clinton Christian

Updated: May 27

Clinton Christian (aka Clint© or CC'd) is an award winning contemporary New Zealand artist based in Hamilton New Zealand.


His graphic style, themes and mediums reflect his personality - fun, bright, shiny and often nostalgic with a love of all things 70s and 80s.

Clint initially gained a big following with his animal pop portrait series ‘Animal Instinct’ during 2020/21 and he has recently developed a new collection of work ‘Retrovision’ that dives into his youthful nostalgic memories of the 1970’s -80’s.

Clint loves making people smile and is super passionate about what he does. In this episode we talk about Clint's journey from architectural designer to full time artist and how well received his work has been right from when he started painting only 6 years ago. He talks about a pivotal light bulb moment in 2018 after a tough year when he decided to leave his job and start creating, even though he initially didn't know what form this would take. We discuss how he once thought he wasn't 'creative' because he would draw what he sees and didn't feel he had his own ideas - ideas is defintely not something he is short of today!

Clint has a very entrepreneurial approach to his art career. He talks about some of his tricks and techniques he has for promoting and selling his work, connecting with artists and gallerists and building a loyal following. He unpacks his painting and sculptural practice and goes into great depth about his process, from sourcing and using resin and how he builds his pieces to the way he transfers the text in his Title Deeds series and his favourite paints to use. Such a good listen.

You can meet the lovely Clint and see his work at the NZ Art Show in Wellington which is coming up this Kings Birthday weekend May 31st – June 2nd 2024.

Earlier work

Angry Bird

Red Sheep

Bond - James Bond

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