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Creative Matters with Beatrice Carlson

Updated: Dec 10, 2021

Beatrice Carlson is an interdisciplinary artist, a visual artist, printmaker and contemporary jeweller.

Born in France, she has been living and making in Devonport, Aotearoa NZ for the last 16 years. Beatrice has always been interested in shapes and textures in her interdisciplinary art practice - from visual art to costume design to printmaking and now to adornment jewellery.

Beatrice currently sees herself as a contemporary jewellery artist and silver is her latest preferred medium. Her work is influenced by the different media and techniques she used in her fashion design background and speaks of Aotearoa NZ and her French ancestry, and how precious the connection is between them both.

She has been a finalist in the World of Wearable Art Awards 10 times and a finalist in a number of art competitions, most recently in the Parkin Drawing prize.

Beatrice tells of the amazingly wide range of materials she likes to use in her work including silver, perspex, gold leaf, pounamu as well as less common medium such as scoria, chicken feet skin, beetle wings and salmon skin leather.

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Necklace using dyed Chicken Feet Skin

"Reflection" ring, Finalist National Cleveland Art Awards 2021

Botanical Series - "Hibiscus" Necklace, embossed and oxidised Sterling Silver, Freshwater Pearl

"It smells green" Necklace, Chrysoprase, Sterling Silver, Gold, Greenstone :

Costume (World of Wearable Arts NZ) using perspex

Marquise Rawahi - Winner South Pacific Section 2012

Here are the beetle wings!

World of Wearable Arts

Toi Poto Mentor Programme

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