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Creative Matters with Andrew J. Steel

Andrew J. Steel is a New Zealand contemporary artist with a passion for story telling. Over his career he has worked across the mediums of graffiti, public art, private interiors, fine artwork, letterpress, land, body, photography and digital works.

"An artist's role is to live a remarkable life and report back on it in their work." says Andrew. Andrew makes art to learn more about people & the world, then he retells these stories in his work to offer perspective and peace - both for himself and for others seeking comfort through the arts.

In this episode we talk about a traumatic event in Andrew's childhood that has had an impact on how he lives his life and his art practice. We discuss the collaborative way he worked for the first part of his career and the route he took from skateboarding, graffiti and street art to full time artist, with the completion of a science degree thrown into the mix.

Andrew shares his process of working with clients to come up with their stories for him to creatively represent in his commissions, his fascination for hieroglyphics and the art of story telling and how he developed such an entrepreneurial approach to his art career.

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