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Creative Matters Episode 21 - with Ingrid Boot

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

Ingrid lives in Orewa, north of Auckland and emigrated to NZ from the UK in 2000. She is a painter influenced mainly by beauty as well as fashion history, fashion photography and old things from a bygone era. Her paintings are all about style and elegance, portraying the beauty of the female form with a surreal, stylised realism.

Ingrid’s inspiration comes from a love of fashion history and movie icons of the 20th century. Often Ingrid will dream up the outfits placing great importance on every detail from the stitching on a dress to each jewel on a necklace.

Over the years she has explored other themes and subject areas that might seem unexpected. Ranging from classic cars to abstract works, they all share the same characteristic precision and attention to detail. Each work is the product of many stages of creation and refinement.

Hear all about Ingrid's beautiful painting practice and incredible process of researching, creating a set or scene, finding a model, sorting the lighting, sourcing costumes and props, photographing the scene and then creating the painting.

Little Ladies

Little Ladies of Leisure

Pin Up Little Ladies

Film Noir



Feminine Elegance

Ladies and Cars

Ladies and Planes

Lauren Boyle - Olympic Swimmer

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