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Creative Matters Episode 20 - with Gabriella Williams

Gabriella is an artist living in Auckland NZ. She has a super interesting story which I’m sure will be really inspiring to many of you, as despite living amongst creative people, trying out creative ventures over the years and having a creative career in education, it’s only now in her 50s her passion for art has been unleashed and she has developed her own art practice and now finally thinks of herself as an artist.

Her paintings often respond to the sea, skies and land of a favourite place, Muriwai Beach, where she spent many happy time as a young adult. Gabriella's work also responds to the beautiful architecture, objects, shapes and patterns discovered on her travels and particularly from her birthplace of Sicily, Italy. Hear about how she established her own varied art practice, taught herself new techniques, had a solo exhibition after only 4 years of making and her dreams of opening up her own art studio to the public.

Ink Drawings inspired by Muriwai Beach, New Zealand

Acrylic Paintings inspired by Muriwai Beach, NZ

Ink Drawings Inspired by found plate patterns and Gabriella's travels

Palm Products

A Colourful Life

Muriwai Arts Group Show

Print Art (Fine Art Imaging)

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