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Creative Matters Episode 13 - with Kiri Abraham

Updated: May 30, 2021

Kiri Abraham is an artist, mother, gardener, tramper and lover of nature who has lived and worked in Helensville for the past 15 years. She describes her art as ‘drawing’, although it includes painting, printing, stitch and more recently, cutting and burning.

Drawing can be both a very simple process, and a complex, multi layered practise, and it is this diversity that attracts Kiri to the medium as a way of expression through mark making. She works by building up a bigger story through repeated intricate marks, the process being as integral to the piece as the finished outcome. Her work is slow, meditative and often physically challenging, and requires her to have a fully worked out concept before she begins a piece.

Kiri’s work has themes of land and ecology at its core: Human connection to place through story and materials, and the reciprocity of care and protection between humans and the earth.

Hear all about Kiri's liking for sharp pencils, quiet and research and all about her fascinating drawing practice and process on our podcast Episode 13. Please note: we lost 30 seconds in this episode at 9:51 for some reason - a slight technical hitch - sorry about that.

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