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Creative Matters Episode 12 - with Anna Hanson

Updated: May 15, 2021

With over thirty years’ experience in the arts, as both a practitioner and curator, Anna Hanson strives to empower artists, champion the role of art in society, and transform widely-held perceptions of textile-based projects within the art arena.

As a practitioner, Hanson’s work embraces the codes of embroidery ,ropes and textiles. She believes in art as an essential part of a healthy community and, wherever possible, aims to remove the terms ‘traditional’, ‘craft’ and ‘female’ from the art world’s vernacular.

As a curator, Hanson sees her role as one of empowerment: providing artists with an environment and structure in which they are recognised, respected and fairly rewarded.

Through her unwavering personal and professional focus, Hanson hopes to give both art and artists the essential platform they desire and deserve.

Showing at the Leap of Faith Group Show at Muriwai Beach Surf Club May 21st - 23rd 2021

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