Private Art Tuition Classes


Our 1-1 Classes:

  • Cater for the needs of young people who show special talent in the visual arts and need extending

  • Cater for children and teenagers who have specific areas of the visual arts they would like to develop

  • Support teenagers in NCEA and/or the creation of their NCEA visual arts portfolios and boards

  • Support homeschooled children and teens

  • Could be for more than 1 sibling in a class together


  • Our workshops are one hour long, once a week for 9 weeks each term, $60 per session

  • Bookings are made for the whole term in advance (some special circumstances may apply)

  • Our educators are all highly qualified, practising artists/educators.

  • Classes run from 4pm - 5pm (negotiable) each week in various parts of Auckland, in the studios of our artist/educators, starting in week 2 of the term.

  • Days, times and programmes can be confirmed with our CEO, Mandy.

Feedback from a grateful parent

“After moving from Waikato to Auckland and seeing the variance of Art levels between schools, we wanted to enrol our daughter in after school lessons.  In researching providers, I spoke with Mandy Jakich from Creative Matters who was extremely helpful in not only finding the right class, but also in finding the best tutor for our daughter.  We decided to utilise their private lessons, and have the pleasure of our wonderful Tutor providing 1-1 lessons at home.  My daughters confidence and capability has increased tenfold.  She really enjoys presenting her work to us, and telling us all about the effects of the different applications.  Both Mandy and our Tutor are extremely supportive of us all.  Our experience with Creative Matters has been nothing but a pleasure, and we look forward to continuing this partnership throughout her school years.


You're certainly making a difference in the lives of our children with the structure and empathy that comes from you and your team.  It’s so nice to see our daughter looking forward to her lessons and enjoying her Art again.” DARLENE CHATFIELD

To Book

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