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Creative Matters with Philippa Bentley

Philippa Bentley is a multi-disciplinary artist inspired by nature, with ecology and environmental concerns at the heart of her work.

While primarily known as a painter and printmaker, Philippa incorporates a range of media and processes in her art practice including augmented reality, collage, sculpture and drawing. She is interested in the intersection of art, design, science and technology and the possibilities this brings."

"We are an island nation" explains Philippa - "New Zealand begins with the sea and ends with the sea - and we all have a relationship with the water. Listen to the sea, it has something to say to you."

It is not surprising that Philippa's work is so connected to and informed by the sea and reflects her careful observation and love of the natural world, overlaid with a layer of contemplation.

Philippa has become increasingly concerned with the global impact of environmental issues and this has been reflected in the development of her work over the last few years. Sea charts have become her symbol of navigating our way forward, plotting a course through these troubled, uncharted waters.

Paper Seas - Sea Charts

Paper Boats - Diatom Arks

Dwelling Paintings

Soar and Connect Paintings

Insect Collections - Insects and Memories

Augmented Reality

Philippa never wanted her AR work to be just a gimmick and feels it forms an integral part of her work, reinforcing it with another layer. She loves that it is interactive and involves the viewer on a different level and overlays an augmented/enhanced sensory experience.

Philippa likes to ensure that the AR is relevant to the work itself - the Dolfish reinforces the theme of Hic Sunt Dracones and the unknown; the Connect paintings AR sees the swimmers and snorkelers in contact with/immersed in a moving, living sea and its creatures.

Spode Tattoo

Whale Tails Trail

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