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Creative Matters with Kell Sunshine

Kell Sunshine, a.k.a Kelly Spencer, is a lettering artist, muralist & illustrator from Gisborne with a big love for Mother Earth.

Her creative style is characterised by bright and retro-fresh colour palettes and curvaceous forms, meticulously hand crafted lettering, and illustrative elements of flora and fauna.

“I consider it a privilege to be able to use my creativity to amplify the voice of Mother Earth, with my personal and client work often serving as a platform to promote love & respect for our natural environment.” says Kelly

Kelly’s portfolio of 12 years in the industry includes murals/street art, illustration (editorial, promotional, books), sign painting, apparel graphics, festival & gig branding, installation, identity design and more. She has collaborated with clients such as Trade Me, Red Bull, Whittakers Chocolate, Boon Street Art, PangeaSeed Foundation, Bell Tea, Ministry for Environment, Garage Project, Good Buzz Kombucha, Rhythm & Vines, Department of Conservation, Creative HQ and Framingham Wines

Kelly does not engage in conversation before consuming coffee in the mornings but is henceforth a social creature. Things that make her happy include: Her pup, sunshine, seedlings, the sound of tropical rain, scuba diving, and TRAVEL.

The gorgeous Kelly shares her journey from fashion design through to graphic design, illustration and large scale mural making, some of the collaborations and inspiring projects she's been involved in and her passion for typography, sunshine and all things retro.

Collab with renown NZ chocolate brand, Whittakers

Sea Walls Project in Mexico

Sea Walls Project In Gisborne NZ

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