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Creative Matters with ERIC SCHUSSER

Eric Schusser is a photographer from Central Otago in New Zealand. He has a diverse style and portfolio that includes social documentary, abstract works and fine art imagery. His work is often project based and he's fascinated by the power of text and photo together.

He is drawn to the big skies, dramatic weather and season changes and the graphic wide-open spaces of the South Island of New Zealand, which he has explored extensively in his 36 year career as an Outdoor Education teacher. He is fascinated by the simplicity and complexity of light, form, line and shadow.

Eric's photographic practice is expanding and he is developing an interest in the abstract beauty to be found in urban spaces and to appreciate people more and the importance of telling stories. He is intrigued by photo books and has published 4 books, 2 of which are collaborative works with his wife Annemarie Hope- Cross, exploring her journey with breast cancer and his role as caregiver.

Eric has some truly moving messages for sufferers and carers going through cancer and he explains how creativity and collaboration has helped him and his wife Annemarie through the tough times. He also shares his story of his creative journey and beautiful photographic practice.

You can hear Eric's wife's and fellow photographer's story on our previous episode, episode 39.

Southern Topographic - Series

The Colour of Anxiety - Series

Dissolving Margins - Series

Still Intrusion - Series

The Psychogeography of Place


The Topology of Lines

Photobook - Still Intrusion

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