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Creative Matters: Episode 9 - with Mandy Jakich

Updated: Apr 25, 2021

Amanda Jakich (Mandy) is a self taught abstract painter and the Founder and CEO of Creative Matters. She is the proud mother of 2 young adults (with a grand baby on the way) and lives with her husband George at Muriwai Beach, North West of Auckland.

Mandy's work responds to her surroundings, particularly to the seas, skies, land and nature of her home place Muriwai Beach NZ. She is drawn to simple form and design, colour and composition and enjoys experimenting with different materials, ideas and tools.

This podcast episode sees the tables turned - Mandy is the host of the Creative Matters podcast and is the one being interviewed this time, by our very first podcast guest and good friend artist Tanya Blong. Listen to this episode to hear about Mandy's life, business and art practice and other heartfelt little moments Tanya manages to dig up!

Muriwai Sand Series - Mandy takes photographs of the windswept sand in the sand dunes of Muriwai Beach and creates the exact lines formed using gouache on paper. Capturing a moment in time.

Muriwai Abstract Garden Series - Photographing plants around Muriwai and recreating their exact form and compositions in an abstract way.

Home Decor and Accessories

Silk Cushions

Carbon Fibre and Acrylic Lacquer Blocks - Using layers of carbon fibre on plywood to create depth and a subtle woven texture, with acrylic lacquer designs painted on top.

West Coast Sand Landscape Photographs

West Coast Series

Shell and Resin Jewellery Series

Fibreglass Painted Lamp Series Home decor and accessories

Showing at the Muriwai Arts Group Show May 21st - 23rd 2021

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