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Creative Matters Online

Term Long Online Course with video lessons

Join Mandy on this child centred, fun and interactive online course perfectly suited to children aged 6 - 14. Children can independently work their way through the video lessons at their own pace, with no time restrictions. Learn about drawing curved objects to show light, shadow and perspective, painting, oil pastels, cardboard construction and paper maché techniques.

A paid subscription visual arts course that could be your child's visual arts programme for a whole term at a cost of only $97 for hours of fun, visual arts learning and creativity. The great thing about this course is it can ignite all sorts of ideas and creativity in your child.


Our course includes 13 instructional videos created and presented by Mandy (a trained teacher and Creative Matters CEO), links to relevant resources, images, presentations and learning intentions, as well as a materials list which you can source from home, purchase online or from a local store.

FREE Online Single Art Sessions with Mandy

These mini creative sessions on our You Tube channel are informal and fun - designed to inspire children to think creatively as well as learn some visual arts skills. Children are encouraged to respond to and approach the creative projects in their own way, as opposed to us presenting a step by step 'follow the expert' approach. You might like to SUBSCRIBE to our channel so you can keep up to date when new videos are added.

Online Private Art Tuition

Weekly customised Zoom lessons with one of our artist/ educators for children aged 6 - 18. Get in touch with us for more info and to discuss your child's needs.

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