Holiday Art Programmes

More than ever our children need opportunities to get creative, connect with others and have fun in a new environment. Our holiday workshops provide a safe and happy place for your children. 

Way more than your average holiday programme, our Auckland based art classes are educational with a focus on a rich development of the creative process, encouraging individual creativity and artistic interpretation as well as time to explore and experiment with ideas and visual arts techniques. We believe in the benefits of vertical age grouping and cater for the individual needs and developmental stages of each child.

$88 per day

including all materials

from 9am - 3pm

for children aged 5 - 13

Our workshops are:

  • Perfect for children who love to create

  • Designed to encourage children to think creatively and critically

  • Limited to 12 children per workshop

  • Education based - Written and planned by our CEO Mandy who has 30 years of teaching and art education experience

  • Taught by practising artists and experienced educators/teachers

  • Fun, creative and inspiring for children

  • A calm, positive environment for your children to thrive

Please read through the different workshops below then click on the button showing your choice of venue to book and pay. Please note, venues available listed on each workshop.


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Kumeu Arts
Herne Bay
Cox's Bay Pavilion
Bayfield School
Kohimarama Presbyterian Church Hall
Mt Eden
Melville Cricket Pavilion
Lake House Arts Centre
Art Centre Helensville

Bookings open now:
July Holiday Programme

Read about each of our exciting holiday workshops below, then book using the white button for the venue of your choice.


Monday 11th July
Magnificent Minimalism

Herne Bay, Kohimarama, Mt Eden

Less is more when it comes to abstract minimal masterpieces! Learn about minimalistic colour palettes and how just a few colours can be used to paint the world. Practise sketching landscapes (minus all the small details!), discover colour mixing techniques to create a handful of your favourite colours and then use acrylic paint to create your very own magnificent minimalist masterpiece on A3 paper. This will be one for the wall!


Tuesday 12th July
Arty Animal Disguises

Herne Bay, Kohimarama, Kumeu, Mt Eden, Takapuna

The person picking you up from this workshop might not recognise you once you’re done with your costume creation! Learn about how to construct a symmetrical, wearable mask using cardboard and elastic and then bring it to life using a range of materials. Experiment with colour mixing and painting techniques, then discover ways to collage and add mixed media to create a dashing animal disguise.


Wednesday 13th July
Funky Fruity Fonts

Herne Bay, Kohimarama, Kumeu, Mt Eden, Takapuna, Helensville

Take your lettering skills to the next level and learn about how to turn stick figure letters into super groovy fonts. Experiment with a range of block lettering techniques using pencil, then play with placing words into funky fruity shapes. Choose your favourite fruits, compose an A3 artwork and brighten them up using bold and beautiful watercolour paints. Sticking to the fruit theme, also design your own fruity font and create an awesome alphabet poster that looks good enough to eat!


Thursday 14th July
Wonderful Wavey Worlds

Herne Bay, Kohimarama, Kumeu, Takapuna, Helensville

Explore a variety of mixed media techniques working towards an A3 wonderful wavey world. Experiment with dye techniques to create a soft and subtle background that will compliment all the drama going on in the front. Explore colour mixing and acrylic painting techniques to create a textured ocean, then tear it all up and build a rolling wild wavescape. Look between the waves for places of excitement and use drawing, collage and your choice of markers, watercolour paints and pastels to create creatures and objects that can splash about in your wonderful wavey world.


Friday 15th July
Stitchy Material Masterpieces

Herne Bay, Kohimarama, Kumeu, Mt Eden

Learn about collage techniques and how simple and small pieces of paper can be used to build something much bigger and more detailed. Experiment with creating a creature, object or scene using magazines and coloured paper, and then extend your creative thinking by doing the same with a range of funky textiles and thread. Chop and stitch fabric to build a sewn masterpiece that takes collage to a whole new level! Suitable for years 8+


Monday 18th July
Patchy Paintings

Herne Bay, Kohimarama, Mt Eden

Experiment with sketching and scale up a drawing to fill an A3 piece of paper. Explore a range of exciting techniques such as acrylic painting and colour mixing, wonderful watercolours, pretty pastels with dashing dyes and a touch of bold ink line work. Combine all of the above as you divide your drawing into sections, creating a mixed media masterpiece where every segment stands out from its neighbour! Give your simple sketch a whole new mood as you turn plain pencil into something much more bold and busy!


Tuesday 19th July
Three Dimensional Dinos

Herne Bay, Kohimarama, Kumeu, Mt Eden, Takapuna

Learn how to create a freestanding cardboard sculpture shaped into a funky dino pet which can live on the shelf in your bedroom. Experiment first with shape and composition, then careful cutting and construction to make a successful sculpture. Make your dino come alive by developing your colour mixing and painting skills, then apply colourful collage and other exciting mixed media techniques that will create a one of a kind dinosaur species - never seen by humans on this earth before!


Wednesday 20th July
Stylish Still Lifes

Herne Bay, Kohimarama, Kumeu, Mt Eden, Takapuna, Helensville

Start with some serious sketching and develop your drawing skills as you learn still life drawing techniques. Experiment with shape, proportion, shading and shadow to draw a real life scene of objects in front of you, pretty much taking a photo using your pencil! Explore pattern, line and shape using vivid pens and bold inks and dyes to fill in the background beyond your still life sketch and bring some stylish excitement to the page. Take home an awesome A3 masterpiece that will certainly brighten up your bedroom!


Thursday 21st July
Papery Picasso People

Herne Bay, Kohimarama, Kumeu, Mt Eden, Takapuna, Helensville

Add a big pop of colour and piles of paper to your average portrait, and you can call yourself Picasso! Learn about artist Pablo Picasso and his quirky approach to painting people. Experiment with sketching the people in your world in Picasso’s style, then develop your collage and composition skills to bring them to life. Cut out, layer, overlap, randomise and get creative with coloured paper to represent a few of your special people on one big A3 masterpiece. Create a family photo with a twist or two! 


Friday 22nd July
Standing Sea Scenes

Herne Bay, Kohimarama, Kumeu, Mt Eden

Take yourself on a deep dive undersea and think about what you might find there. Develop your sketching skills, drawing a range of animals and plants you might find at a colourful coral reef. Bring these to life by constructing cardboard cutouts and experimenting with colour mixing and painting techniques. Add some final mixed media touches using collage and googly eyes, then bring it all together by building a super standing sculpture using popsicle sticks, wire, skewers, glue and a sturdy base to hold it all together!