Holiday Art Programmes

More than ever our children need opportunities to get creative, connect with others and have fun in a new environment. Our holiday workshops provide a safe and happy place for your children. 

Way more than your average holiday programme, our Auckland based art classes are educational with a focus on a rich development of the creative process, encouraging individual creativity and artistic interpretation as well as time to explore and experiment with ideas and visual arts techniques. We believe in the benefits of vertical age grouping and cater for the individual needs and developmental stages of each child.


$88 per day, including all  materials


From 9am - 3pm 


For children aged 5 - 13

Our Workshops Are:


  • Perfect for children who love to create

  • Designed to encourage children to think creatively and critically

  • Limited to 12 children per workshop

  • Education based - Written and planned by our CEO Mandy who has 30 years of teaching and art education experience

  • Taught by practising artists and experienced educators/teachers

  • Fun, creative and inspiring for children

  • A calm, positive environment for your children to thrive

Please read through the different workshops below then click on the button showing your choice of venue to book and pay. Please note, venues available listed on each workshop.

Watch this space - bookings not yet open for the below venues:

An example of the fun and creative workshops we run can be viewed below from our previous April Holiday Programme:

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Bouncing Bubbles
Tuesday 19th April

Herne Bay, Kohimarama

Learn how to draw and paint realistic bubbles and water droplets using a variety of materials and techniques. Experiment with different colour combinations and both wet and dry media to create a couple of masterpieces. Glossy rainbow bubbles made with oil pastel and paint will bounce around on a black page, and white paper will challenge you to use graphite pencil in ways you’ve never used it before.


Beautiful Bottle Ladies
Wednesday 20th April

Kumeu, Herne Bay, Kohimarama

Transform a recycled glass bottle and a wooden peg into a beautiful bottle lady using papier mache, paint and collaged papers. Design your own fabulous dress and decorate it by painting and adding some collage and cool crafty materials such as sequins and pom poms. 


Yayoi Thirst Quenchers
Thursday 21st April

Kumeu, Herne Bay, Kohimarama

Learn about artist Yayoi Kusama and her quirky approach to still life paintings. Experiment with mixed media dot art and scratching techniques. Create a thirst quenching masterpiece with your own dreamed up dotty painted drink, sitting on a textured sgraffito background.


Crawling Calder Sculptures
Friday 22nd April

Kumeu, Herne Bay, Kohimarama

Explore the amazing mobiles created by artist Alexander Calder and learn cool ways to transform flat pieces of paper into funky 3D sculptures. Experiment with cutting, different colour combinations and using acrylic paint. Create a masterpiece of Calder inspired sculptures that crawl along a bright and bold watercolour painted backdrop.


Tuesday 26th April

Kumeu, Herne Bay, Kohimarama, Mt Eden

Discover different ways to turn plain old paper into something much more pretty with a variety of printmaking, painting and collage techniques. Experiment with rotating, flipping, placing and overlapping cut out shapes. Create a busy and bold mixed media masterpiece that will brighten up your bedroom.


Bird Sculpture Sweeties
Wednesday 27th April

Kumeu, Herne Bay, Kohimarama

Learn how to design and structure a freestanding bird sculpture. Experiment with bird shapes and designs, using problem solving along the way to ensure that your bird will successfully stand on its own two wire feet. Create a sweet little bird buddy using cardboard, wire and papier mache then bring it to life with bright paint designs.

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Dare to Draw
Thursday 28th April

Herne Bay, Kohimarama, Mt Eden

We dare you to learn about three different ways of drawing that you might have never tried before! Experiment with mixed media collage drawings, optical illusions and perspective. Create three masterpieces: bring a random magazine cutout to life, play tricks on your eyes using black and white lines and play with one point perspective to build a cityscape that takes your eye to the sky.


Dreamy Dreamscapes
Friday 29th April

Kumeu, Herne Bay, Kohimarama, Mt Eden

Learn about Austrian/NZ artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser and his gorgeous fantasy landscapes. Experiment with adding a surreal feeling to a landscape, mixing your own wonderful colours and using paint to bring a slice of your own imagined world to life. Create a beautiful painting that looks more like a daydream than a reality.

Coming soon: July Holiday Programme
Kumeu, Herne Bay, Kohimarama, Mt Eden


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Kumeu Arts

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 Herne Bay

Cox's Bay Pavilion 

Bayfield School

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Kohimarama Presbyterian Church Hall

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Mt Eden

Melville Cricket Pavilion